Bulgarian black sea logistic center (BBSLC)

Bulgarian black sea logistic center (BBSLC)

A cluster, unique for the Balkan Peninsula, which provides complex logistics solutions at optimal prices and transit time, entirely in aid to your business.

BBSLC includes:

  1. Despred Plc – logistics company with its own multifunctional terminals and facilities, know-how in transport and logistics
  2. Port Bulgaria West – a completely private port located on the Black Sea, flexible solutions and working hours – http://www.portbulgariawest.com/
  3. Druzhba Ro-Ro Ship – regular and secure connection with Georgia through the Black Sea – http://bg.pbm.bg/

BBSLC aims to support the revival of traditional for Bulgaria economic activities in industry, agriculture, transport and tourism.

BBSLC has an excellent and strategic location:

– Five of the ten pan-European corridors (IV, VII, VIII, IX, X) pass through the Republic of Bulgaria, allowing easy, fast and secure transport solutions to key markets in Turkey, the Middle East, the EU, Russia and the CIS countries,

– TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe – Caucasus – Asia) connects the Republic of Bulgaria with the region of the Caucasus and Central Asia – Corridor VIII.

BBSLC is part of a Holding with entirely Bulgarian capital and companies registered in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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